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How to Release the Masks Holding You Back from Purpose

You need to release the masks. Masks never protect. They hide the truth and create a false reality. You never see the whole picture when you’re behind a mask (or the people around you are masked).

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I attended the first Happening in Alabama in 1987. I didn’t plan on going and had to give up the plans I did have for that weekend. But I was asked to attend, so attend I did.

It was one of the longest weekends of my life . . . if it could go wrong, it did. And yet it was also the most powerful weekend of my life.

I encountered God in a personal way, and it changed the way I looked at my walk.

One talk presented during the weekend of Happening focuses on masks. The talk I heard that year, and the following year when I worked on staff, focused on taking off your masks.

I had never thought of myself as a mask wearer. I believed that what you saw was what you got. At the time, I probably didn’t wear a mask very often.

Over the years, though, I managed to stock up on masks. I tried to be what others expected me to be on some days. Other days, I went alfresco – no masks for me. But those days I did have on a mask wore me out, and it took longer and longer to recover from those days.

A few years back, I encountered someone who helped me see that my uniqueness might be annoying to some folks, but it didn’t change the truth that it was still uniquely me. With his encouragement, I dared to be my bright #SnarkyRainbows self.

With each step forward, I have released the need to wear a particular mask. I even went out the other day without putting on lipstick (although I’m certain my mom and grandmother rolled over in their graves when I dared to walk out the door that way).

Masks come in a lot of different forms – from lipstick or makeup to certain clothes to hiding out at the farm so that people don’t see you and judge you. No matter what form a mask takes, it holds you back from being all that you are uniquely designed to me.

release the masks

Release the Masks

You have to make the choice to put on a mask, but you also have to make the choice to release the masks. There is only one way forward into your unique design.

    • Accept that you will never compare to anyone else because you are different from every other person.
    • Accept that there will always be others that judge your journey – sometimes because they don’t have the courage to take their own leaps of Faith.
    • Accept that the masks do not make the journey easier no matter what the world tries to tell you.
    • Accept that anything you use to hide where you are or what you are doing becomes a mask.

Release the masks. Throw away all those distractions and disturbances that are hiding your unique self, and you will begin to launch into exceeding and abundant possibilities.

What masks are you wearing, and what will you do today to begin to release the masks?

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