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Writing Projects Gone Wild

The list of projects became longer than the piece of paper. It was too much. I officially have too many irons in my fire. There are so many crammed into that pour flame that it is amazing it still produces any heat.

There is no problem with juggling a lot of projects at once. The problems start when one project (or several projects) get shunned or even forgotten for so long that I basically have to start over just to get back where I had left off.

I think my dream last night reminded me of that very point. I was back at school and being encouraged to complete one project before I launched into the next – a focused attack. My mind woke before my body would get out of bed and it was off and running.

Two New Writing Rules for Controlling Projects

• Personal writing gets time every day – that will mean that my work projects have to be worked on every day as well instead of waiting until the actual due date to get the work completed.

• Big projects (like books) will be a one at a time effort – for me that means that the four books that are currently in production will have to be set in order. As one gets completed then the next one can be tackled.

There were originally going to be more rules than two, but I know that the more requirements then the harder it is to fulfill the promise. I can do two rules and they are not even that strict when you think about. All I need is personal time for writing and one project focus.

Check back in with me in a month and you (and probably me as well) will be surprised at what a difference two rules can make.

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