Overcoming Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than to struggle through and work things out only to stumble over new problems. I think I have finally figured out why or why not anyway.

My troubles are not caused by a lack of money. My problems are not caused by a lack of time. My struggles are not created by what my parents did or did not do. And even more surprisingly, my situations are not the result of a world wide conspiracy to keep me down.

So what is left that is causing me to stumble just when I think I have it all together? It turns out that my problems are caused by me. It is my choices – the choice to do or to not do – that are directly responsible for all that I face in my life.

Ten Things that Create my Problems

    1. Spending without wisdom.
    2. Eating out instead of cooking in.
    3. Buying that perfect blouse because I want to.
    4. Playing computer games instead of doing my work.
    5. Watching television all day instead of doing anything.
    6. Staying in bed instead of getting up when the alarm goes off.
    7. Wasting time instead of using time wisely.
    8. Refusing to ask for help because of what others might think.
    9. Watching workout shows instead of working out.
    10. Waiting on you to do it instead of doing it myself.

Each day I hear my mouth tell the kids that they are responsible for their own actions and that there is no other person to blame. It is not the other brother that makes them hit or call names. It is a choice that each brother makes and they each receive the consequences for those choices.

It is high time that I listened to my own words. I am responsible for the choices that I make and for the circumstances and consequences that come from each of those choices. I can choose the things that cause me problems or I can choose the things that will bring me blessing – those good, positive and uplifting things that follow my purpose.

The choices that you make right now will shape all of your futures to come. What will you choose?

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