A Fight for the Church – Watch for the Attack

Doing the things that you are called to do often make you the mark for attack. Satan is determined to defeat the church. His first step is to run the church. He usually accomplishes this by getting the church off the mark in a number of different ways. But if he can’t run the church then Satan will do everything in his power to ruin the church.

The Devil Divides and Discourages

    1. The color of the carpet, the time of the services and even the layout of the parking lot can all become issues for some churches. Anything that causes massive division in a church is not something of God.

    2. Temptations and troubles. If division is not an option the Satan will find a way to attack the leadership. Taking down a pastor or elder will often cause others in the congregation to stumble.

    3. Discouragements and disappointments. Bringing people down through death, sickness and other problems can drag their focus away from the purpose.

    4. Finances. There is no easier way to attack and destroy than to make finances the focus instead of the Holy Spirit.

Satan is out to destroy the church. He can do it from the inside or from the outside. We have to be aware of how he attacks and know that we are moving in the right direction then Satan will do all he can to get us off track.

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