4 Keys to Making Money Online

When I first started to try and make money online, I was clueless. Even though the internet was not exactly new to me, the workings were. Computers have been around for most of my life, but speaking their language was harder than German (no offense to the German language, but I had enough problems with it in college that my tutor begged me to drop the class).

My journey started with some sites that would pay me to “try” certain offers (Mavishare is the site I chose). It started out great, and I was making what I thought was good money. Then the companies whose products and services I had agreed to try started billing me. It seems the fine print got passed me. Soon all the overdraft fees negated any money I had made. It was a nightmare.

I learned two things from this disaster – always read the fine print and never, never, never use your bank account to “try” something.

I also tried some of the survey sites and they were nice, easy paychecks. The only snag I had with them is that there just wasn’t enough for me to do and they took forever – because I’m on dial up. Several of the work from home moms I know use this as their “extra” source of income.

It was one of the homeschooling groups that told me about www.paidpostingtools.com. Basically, for $.15 I would pick a forum from their list and post a comment on that forum. Before long, my income per week was up to $40 – not too bad for just 15 word sentences, IMO. I shared the site with my girlfriend, and she found a half dozen posting sites that she joined.

By writing solid comments, some of the owners started to contact me about doing more in-depth writing for their sites (my girlfriend had the same experience). Before long, I was doing more articles and didn’t have the time (or the desire) to do the forums for pay. I still visited many of the forums because it helps increase traffic to my blog – but that is another article.

My confidence in writing continued to grow, and I started looking for more opportunities to write articles and blogs for pay. There are some “easy” sites, like Associated Content, but I wanted to find some places that would help build my resume while filling my wallet.

With a little help from some forums, some other writers I met online, and some searching, I have found several sites that are great resources for writing online:

1. www.craigslist.com The best thing about this site is that you can search all over the world if you focus on jobs that are internet based. I usually look in just the jobs area under writing and the gigs area under writing and creative. So far, I have stuck to more localized ads.

2. www.problogger.net This is all about the blog. Unlike some of the freelance sites I have run across, this site sets the price and you don’t pay if you get the job.

3. www.performancing.com Another great blog site. Like problogger, this site is also packed full of information on writing quality blogs.

4. http://aboutfreelancewriting.com When you sign up for her update, she will send you all the latest writing jobs that she has found. There is some insight into how to start a freelance career as well.

This is just the beginning. There are hundreds of sites with even more opinions. The best way to start and expand a writing career is to write. Quality work will beget more work and word of mouth is still the greatest way to find employment today.

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