Finding Success in Freelance Writing

The talk of money will usually come up when you gather together a group of writers. The subject came up at a conference I attended a few months back during a panel discussion. Each expert seemed to agree that freelance writing was a difficult profession and that not many people could make a living at it. I think they were all wrong!

1. Find your passion. When you are passionate about a subject then you are able to put out more content at a faster pace. This increases your pay per hour.

2. Apply for jobs. Finding online lists of jobs and visiting them on a bi-weekly basis is the only way to stay on top of potential jobs. It would be even better to register with the sites and have the job lists sent to your email account so that you have a reminder to search for more jobs.

3. Query for article opportunities. Putting out 5 queries per week will increase your chances of getting published. If you only get to submit a manuscript 20% of the time that will end up being 4 manuscripts per month. If you sale just 25% of your reviewed manuscripts you can still create a steady income. You will likely find that your submission opportunities improve as you get more clips and experience.

4. Ask for more work. When you find some stead clients and you have an opening in your schedule then ask for more work. Sometimes clients are worried about overloading a good writer so they will hold back. Let the clients know how many articles per week you are willing to produce.

5. Calculate your time. You need to know how much time you are spending on articles and projects so that you can break down the hourly wage you are earning. The goal should be to earn $50 per hour in order to make a full time wage at freelance writing.

If you shoot for nothing then you will hit it every time. If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars. Start today aiming for that successful freelance career and never let anyone tell you that it can’t be done.

Kathryn Lang

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