Building Up a Writing Platform

Building a Writing Platform
My husband started a new job recently. He will be preaching at a local church. He has been moving in this new direction for years and I am thrilled to support him. The other day it dawned on me that I am now a Pastor Wife. Although nothing in my life has really changed, I have a new title to add to my resume.

Are you building your expertise?

Every title that I am able to attach to my name offers me a chance to expand my platform. Every award that I win with my writing can be another notch in my career belt. Titles really do make a difference in the journey – just ask any “Best Selling” author out there.

How can you build up your titles?

    Participate in a contest. Winning a contest allows you to add “award winning” or “nationally recognized” or some other moniker. Just being a finalist can be added to your business card or website.

    Become part of a publication – online or in person. “Contributing writer” and “Columnist” are both great titles to add to your list. Find groups online that accept freelance submissions or guest posts. Pitch a regular column to a local paper. Building those relationships can be vital to creating a strong foundation for your future endeavors.

    Volunteer to work with a group. Taking a position, even if there is no pay involved, helps you to continue to build your expertise. It can also open up more doors for future publication opportunities or even for teaching or presentation opportunities.

Are you ready to build up your platform?

Challenge: Find one way to build up your name through a contest, writing opportunity or some other avenue. You can make your own way and step outside the box if you want. Be sure to share what you are doing with us so that we can encourage and support you in the journey.

I took a volunteer leadership position with a SELTI – a group working to promote tourism through fiction writing. I believe in what they are doing and look forward to working with them. Helping others not only gives me an opportunity to build more relationships, it also opens doors for growing my own platform.

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