Nurture the Hope You are Growing

Little bits of investment nurture the hope you are growing for your life. You have to care for the hope (and take care in the hope) to grow storm standing hope.

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We planted a garden.

Even before the first seed went in, we had tilled, cleared, and prepped the space. It took several days to get the ground ready.

Even before e prepped the ground, we planned out the garden, we took time to map out the placement of seed and plants so we could maximize the nutrients (and also minimize the workload). We had a plan.

So, we planted the garden.

It only took a few weeks before the “excitement” of the garden wore off. The we that planted the garden turned into a me working to maintain it. It turns out the real hard part of the garden journey comes after the planting.

We ignored the garden.

It doesn’t matter how well you plan or prep (or even what you’re planting). If you stop nurturing your investment, then it stops growing.

They stopped helping. I found excuses to join them in not doing. Before long, the weeds and the weather had ruined the garden and crushed all of our efforts.

It only takes a little bit of hope to light your way. Unless you also nurture the hope, the weeds and the weather will begin to choke it out.

How to Nurture the Hope

nurture the hope - points

Be alert to what surrounds you.
Be aware of your point in the path.
Seek out the light.
Clean out and clear out.
Build consistency for hope.
  • Be alert to what surrounds you. Know what conditions are around you and choose to avoid the no doing excuses. Stay grounded in your hopeful place.
  • Be aware of where you are in your journey. If you know the season you are in, then you will be better prepared to nurture the hope in the right way. Coverings offer protection in the winter, but those same covering kill the summer garden.
  • Seek out the light. Hope is light, and hope requires the nurturing of light to keep growing.
  • Clean it out. Clear your head of the hope crushing negatives by being actively invested in healing, positive affirmations, and joy talk. Weed out the clutter in your life (in the home, the head, the heart, and the schedule), so hope has room to grow.
  • Build consistency for hope. Develop the habits for growing little bits of hope throughout your day.

The garden won’t grow up when it’s left to itself. Some of the plants may survive. Some of the plants may even produce fruit. None of the plants will do what they are designed to do if their needs aren’t met. Neglect limits things from becoming all they could have been with a little bit of nurturing.

Nurture the hope, and you’ll find the hope you need to thrive even through the storms.

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Quote of the Day

Nurture the hope,
and you’ll find
the hope you need to thrive
even through the storms
Kathryn Lang

Nurture the hope

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