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Feeding the Hope to Light Your Path

You have to be intentionally feeding the hope to keep the hope alive, and you need hope to shine the light on your path. When the darkness closes in, the only way out is with the light.

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The tougher the week, the more I cling to hope. Lately, it seems I’m facing tougher weeks than the week before, and my hope clinging has had some issues.

The darkness closed in on me the other day. The weather turned awful. People’s attitudes soured. I would have locked myself in the bathroom and soaked away the darkness with a hot bath filled with essential oils, but the rental doesn’t have a bathtub. It was so bad I almost rented a hotel room for the night just for the tub.

I put my headphones on and flipped on my IHeartRadio Andrew Peterson channel. I cried a little. I smiled a lot. Before long, hope blazed bright enough that the darkness ran to the recesses of my mind.

Music feeds my hope, and it’s only when I feed my hope that I keep the hope alive.

feeding the hope

Tips to Feeding the Hope

  • Be around hope. Find environments that will pour hope over you. Worship services, concerts, group gatherings, sunsets – or whatever you find to light your hope, make time to be around it.
  • Listen to hope. Download the songs that make your heart sing. Find talk shows or podcasts that stir your hope. Pour words of hope into your ears in as many ways as you can find.
  • Read hope. Written words of hope and encouragement can be found in fiction and non-fiction form. Find the words that work for you. And be sure to take some time for the Word as well. It overflows with hope words.
  • Write out hope. Create a journal to talk about the hope encounters you have in your day. Tell a friend about your hope journey in a letter. Write a hope blog. The more ways you write out your hope, the more it becomes ingrained in your heart.
  • Remember the hope you’ve encountered. Make time regularly to review the hope moments that have filled your life.

It’s not always easy being hopeful, even when you tend to lean naturally towards encouragement. When times get tough, as they are prone to do, I turn to the little bits of hope I’ve been feeding into my heart and mind. The little bit of hope makes way for me to get through even the darkest moments.

Hope grows when you feed the hope.

Quote of the Day

Hope is sunshine for the heart.
It warms.
It grows.
It lights.
– Kathryn Lang

Hope is sunshine

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