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When You Take Action You Get Things Done

You have to take action if you want to make change. Action doesn’t happen to you. Action doesn’t find you. Your actions are driven by you – always.

Now, you can allow the actions you choose to be dictated by others or you can allow the actions you take to be determined by you. No matter which way you move, or how it feels in the moment, the choice is still yours.

determine to take action

I set out at midnight on October 31 this year determined to follow through on a plethora of challenges – from #NaNoWriMo to #BlogLikeCrazy to a few I invented. When I determine to do more then I get more done, even if I don’t get everything done that I determined to do.

I have slipped on most of the challenges, but I have held firm to two of the challenges and even added one other item to my “do every day” list.

It’s easy to do it one day.

It’s easy to do it the first week.

Somewhere around the end of week two, when things aren’t happening the way you expected or wanted, then it becomes more of a challenge.

“Why bother?”

“Nobody notices.”

“I have other things I could be doing, not that I would do it but I could do it.”

The excuses begin to pile up and each day the weight of the excuses increases until you don’t think you can take another step.

I was there today. I had some of my list checked off because I do those first thing in the morning, but there was one that I didn’t have done and my body told me I just needed to go on to bed.

“What will one day hurt?”

I convinced myself not to do it. I sat down to close out the computer so I could go to bed. Instead, I talked myself into doing just a little more of a project I had started in the morning. After I finished that little more then I determined to check off that last item.

“There are only six days left in the month. You can do this for six more days.”

Now I only have five more days that I will have to do this – although if I can do it for 30 days then why not for thirty more.

We make time for the things that are important to us. It is both that simple and that complicated. It’s easy to not do something because we focus on the excuses. It is easy to do something once we begin to get it done. Choice matters.

It is always up to us to make the change we want. Stop trying to talk yourself out of your possibilities. Take the action to make your change a reality.

Be blessed,
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It Starts with Your Place

When you determine your unique place then it is easier to stand bold and pursue that place with purposeful actions. Are you ready to define your place?

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