The Power of HOPE Infuses Your I Can Attitude

Hope helps you hold on to your I Can attitude when the world does all it can to rain on your parade. It’s a rainbow of positivity that keeps you going through the storms. Embrace the power of hope to keep the I Can momentum.

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My husband and I were going to his family for our first Thanksgiving. I had been experimenting with different desserts and decided to impress his family with an amazing pumpkin cake roll. My grand idea crumbled on my pan as I began to roll it up.

Something to Ponder

“It’s ruined,” I whined.

My husband looked at it for a moment, walked to the living room, and came back with a trifle dish. I eyed him nervously. “What do you plan to do with that,” I asked.

“You’ll see.”

He put down a layer of the crumbled pumpkin roll in the bottom of the dish. He warmed some icing and poured that as the next layer. “Do we have pudding?”

I handed him a box of vanilla pudding mix, and he whipped it up. That was his third layer. He then repeated the layers until he ran out of space. “See, nothing’s ruined. It’s just in a different package.”

I took that lesson to heart. From that moment on, when things didn’t go the way I thought it should or the way I had planned, I found the nearest trifle dish and made something else – metaphorically speaking, of course.

I Can attitude comes with a heart shift

His creative culinary moment provided hope for my future challenges. When he found a way to make it work, he helped me find my I Can attitude.

Ironically, my I Can attitude annoyed him when it showed up in other areas. What he saw so easily with the pumpkin roll, he does not see as easily in our house, our land, or his work.

But he is getting there. When you learn how to turn the focus to hope, even in something as simple as a crumbling pumpkin roll, then you find ways to grow an I Can attitude in other areas – eventually.

Hope Fuels the I Can Attitude

  • It sees beyond the failure because it isn’t a failure until you give up. As long as you learn something or make some progress (even if it wasn’t what was expected), it is not a failure.
  • It sees around the expected because the expected can become a barrier. The I Can attitude sees the barrier and says, “that wasn’t expected but watch this.”
  • It sees more than what the eyes can see because hope isn’t limited by the physical vision. It sees the heart. It sees the Spirit. It sees the possibilities.

You have more power in you than you have ever imagined. The power of hope lights the dark, launches BIG DREAMS, and creates determination nothing can stop. And the power of hope fuels an I Can attitude.

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The Quote of the Day

The problem is not in the plan but in the person. The plan can be solid and focused, but until the person takes intentional steps to walk it out the plan can never work.” – Kathryn Lang

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