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Point to the Promise to Pursue Possibility Paths

Point to the promise. The promise has more power than the circumstances of the moment. It’s not about what you think or what you see, or even what you believe. The promise is a fundamental part of a bold foundation that springs up hope.

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I felt displaced and uncomfortable, mostly because I was displaced and uncomfortable. Being out of your ordinary can make you feel off discombobulated. My imagination makes it even more uncomfortable because I create stories of the people who were here before me and the people around me now (because having literal next-door neighbors is new), and it’s not always good.

It’s ironic considering my default is the positive, but the inner skeptic and conspiracist try to get their voices heard when it comes to the imagination in the uncomfortable moments.

My friend sent me a text message one morning to offer encouragement through my struggles. I turned to look at my phone when it buzzed, and when I did, I also had a view out the bedroom window.

Hope in a sunrise will point to the promise

The sun had broken the horizon behind the mountains, and the light painted the sky a deep pink hue. The colors reflected off the waters of the lake. Before I got out of bed, hope broke through my day and reminded me of God’s promise that He’s got this.

He promised that He would never leave me nor forsake me. Through the brilliance of a morning sky, I was reminded of His promise to be there.

Holding on to hope will not magically wipe away the circumstances, but it will give you the ability to focus on the promises and the possibilities. That shift in focus will move you away from a life of problems to a life in purpose.

Hope Will Point to the Promise

  • Hope has roots in the promises. Hope is founded in the Word and the promises of the Word. When you look to hope, hope will point you back to its roots.
  • Hope has strength from the promises. Unlike an idea dreamed up or a wish crafted in the imagination, hope is a firmly founded understanding of a promise.
  • Hope has persisting resilience through the promises. Because hope comes from the Word, and the Word was, and is, and is to come, hope continues. No matter what the circumstances, no matter what the times, and no matter what the world’s declarations, hope persists.
hope will point to the promise

Hope points to the promises because hope comes from the promises.

Hold tight to hope.

Over the last several months, I’ve become convinced that hope is a superpower. By wielding hope, you can break through the darkness. Holding hope provides light to the path (sometimes yours and sometimes the path of others). Hope gives wings to the BIG DREAMS. And it all starts because hope points to the promises.

When you turn to hope, you will see the possibilities because hope will point you to the promises of who you are and of WHOSE you are.

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Quote of the Day

“Hope will point you
to the promises
of who you are
and of WHOSE you are.”
– Kathryn Lang

Quote of the day - Hope will point to the promise

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