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3 Ways Hope Dispels the Dark

Light dispels the dark. It’s a consistent for every moment of the journey. When dawn breaks, light dispels the dark. When the storm passes, the light breaks through. When the focus shifts from problems to possibilities, the hope makes the shift possible.

Because hope is light, and hope dispels the dark, lights the morning, breaks the storms, and turns problems into possibilities.

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The morning started foggy, outside and inside. Despite the joy from the wonderful night we had with family the night before, the morning felt heavy. I looked outside, and it was only gray. The fog hung so heavy I could barely see the front yard.

It went on forever, the fog hanging down over the lake blocking the morning. The longer it lasted, the more I struggled to embrace the hope from the night before.

My mind wandered to the problems, ushered along by the heavy fog. We haven’t heard from the insurance in weeks, so we are moving up to the end of the year, still up in the air about what happens next. All the holiday decorations are packed away in the PODs, and by packed away, I mean back in the back behind everything. Another reminder we never expected to be here now.

So many unanswered moments and so many reminders of the lack, brought tears to my eyes.

My friend, Aisha Adams, shared a thought on her Facebook page about controlling thoughts and it offered a little light on my foggy day.

Hope dispels the dark of a foggy morning

Outside, eventually, the sun rose high enough to burn off the fog over the lake. The day remained gray, but I could see.

Hope is the little bit of light that dispels the dark when we need it the most. It doesn’t always make the day bright and clear, but it drives the dark away.

Power of Hope Dispels the Dark

  • It offers a spark, a light. You only need a spark to push away the darkest night. Kindle your spark of hope, and the darkness will flee.
  • It offers a little warmth. A little warmth can melt the ice on a cold day or warm a cold heart. Embrace the warmth and see the cold melt away.
  • It offers a point for others to see. A light in darkness will shine for up to two miles. Go and be the light on the side of the hill for the whole world to see.
hope dispels the dark

It can be easy to settle into the fog. Hope reminds you that you are so much more than a gray day. Embrace the hope because hope dispels the dark.

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Quote of the Day

“You only need a spark
to push away the darkest night.”
– Kathryn Lang

Quote of the day “You only need a spark to push away the darkest night.” – Kathryn Lang

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