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Power of Hope Fuels Ability to Believe

The power of hope fires up the heart’s ability to believe. When you believe in your purpose and your plan, nothing and nobody will talk you out of them. Hope fuels that bold and determined belief.

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I wrote the number on the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination before I had any number to work from. My BIG DREAM goal was to reach 1,000,000 listeners. In truth, I came up with the number because I had reached 1,000,000 words the year before in my writing. It seemed like a good number.

When you are dreaming, any number is a good number.

I didn’t reach the number. I didn’t even get close. I’m not really sure I believed I could.

Recently, someone challenged me to define the goal I wanted to reach. This time, I thought about the number. I looked at the existing numbers, determined what would be needed to change those numbers, and considered what I was willing to give up or sacrifice to make it happen.

I multiplied the number by 10 – because BIG DREAMS need to be a little impossible and a little scary. I meditated on the number. I talked to God about the number. I seeded my belief in that number. Pretty soon, it didn’t seem like a crazy number at all. It became real to me – something I could reach out and grab if I dared to reach.

The first time I mentioned it to someone, they laughed. Really, it was more of a scoff because they didn’t believe any of it. Even after I explained the plan, they didn’t believe it. Their negatives would have wavered me before, but this time hope was leading my way, and it fueled my belief.

They weren’t going to hold me back anymore.

ability to believe - Hope
is a powerful force that will fuel
the ability
to believe
you can achieve

As I’ve continued to walk the walk, things have tried to shake my belief. Each time, I’ve held tight to hope. Each time, hope has given new life to my belief. And each time, I have kept going.

Hope makes a way to keep going because the power of hope makes way for belief.

Fueling the Ability to Believe

  • Write out what you believe. Write it again. Write it again. Keep writing it every day until you believe what you are writing.
  • Speak out what you believe. Go to the mirror and tell the person looking back at you what you believe. Keep telling that person until you both believe it.
  • Share out what you believe. Tell others – especially tell your encouragers and superfans. The people that believe in you will also be the ones that believe with you.
  • Take a step. Stepping into your belief makes the foundation of that belief stronger. A little step will work just fine. Little bits add up to big possibilities.

Hope is not a delusion – despite what the world tries to prove.

Hope is not a wish – despite how the world tries to convince.

Hope is a solid foundation of possibility living. It is a powerful force that will fuel the ability to believe that you can achieve your BIG DREAMS.

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Quote of the Day

“Hope makes aa way to keep going because the power of hope makes way for belief.” – Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day - Hope makes aa way to keep going because the power of hope makes way for belief

Finding More Hope

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Practical Proverbs offers tips from the Book of Proverbs including ideas for becoming an encourager – always a great way to fire up the hope.

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