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Simple Ideas Remind Me of the Power of HOPE

When things go off the rails, focus on the power of HOPE. It provides the lifeline to hold on or the infusion of energy to keep going. HOPE makes a way when no way can be seen. Grow HOPE.

power in hope

I tried. I did what I thought I was supposed to do and ended up in the ditch with my wheels spinning in the mud. The more I tried, the worse it got.

I wanted to quit.

I looked at different directions I could take when I made the choice to quit. While I looked, I dropped in on a Twitter Chat.

Twitter Chats have become a solid part of my online engagement. I love the real-time conversations and the ones I take part in focus on possibilities and positivity, so that has helped fuel my feed with possibilities and positivity.

The Twitter Chat I attended asked about struggles, so I answered honestly. I immediately received a private message offering encouragement and support. The words that were shared made me smile.

The smile gave me the energy to take a step. Before I knew it, I was out of the ditch and walking down the path.

HOPE made it possible and was fired up by something as simple as a smile.

Building a Foundation of HOPE

power in hope

  • HOPE allows you to believe, even when the world demands you denounce. It’s not a delusion. It is a pinpoint of light that illuminates even the darkest moments.
  • HOPE reminds you that there is a new start. No matter how bad the last finish (or even if there was no finish, you can start now because now is what matters most.
  • HOPE provides a breath of “I can. When things are heavy, and you are tired, it comes in like a cool breeze to boost your motivation.
  • HOPE points to the promise. It’s not about what you think or what you see or what you believe. It is about what has been promised and living out those promises.

No matter how dark it gets outside, I have HOPE.

When my middle son was two years old, I had a reaction to nausea medication that caused a miscarriage of our third child. The loss devastated me, and the pain was made worse because my body didn’t understand the loss and continued to give me morning sickness.

I tried to stay still to keep from getting sick. I also spent a lot of time crying.

My two-year-old son came into the room and handed me my CD player. “God wants you to hear this,” he told me.

I took his offering and put the headphones on. Andrew Peterson’s “Faith to Be Strong” was cued up – something my two-year-old son did not know how to do.

I listened. I got up and made my way to my desk and listened again. I wrote out the lyrics as I listened. The line about having a heart to find hope hit me hard . . . in a good way.

HOPE. There is power in HOPE. It changes everything. It changed everything that day for me, and it continues to provide the fuel I need each and every day.

Grow HOPE. Invest in HOPE. Hold tight to the power of HOPE, and you will be able to manage any storm that comes your way.

Be blessed,
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