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Simple Tips to the Best Way for Better Waiting

Waiting can feel like a waste. I sit. I do nothing. I just wait. OR, I can find ways to make the best of my waiting time. It may not be that I get it all done. It may not be that I get done what I had originally planned. But I will get something done.

Redefining the Waiting Game

I had to wait anyway. It made no sense to drive all the way back to the house just to get out of the car, walk in the house, and then have to reverse the steps for the return visit.

I decided it was better to just wait.

My freelance writing career has taught me that waiting can be watching the clock pass or it can make a way for other opportunities. The eventual smartphone I surrendered to has taught me that I can take the waiting time and surf the internet and social media or I can make use of the time for purposeful engagement.

I have the choice. I have the choice to wait or I have the option of choosing better and doing just a little bit more.

With my writing, I can use the waiting game to write outlines of potential posts.
With my movement, I can use the waiting game to walk up and down the four flights of stairs at the church.
With my engagement, I can use the waiting game to invest in the people around me or to intentionally engage with connections online.

The number of opportunities expands with my willingness to stretch outside the box. I still have to make the choice, but the right choice will make all the difference.

Questions to Ask to Prepare for Better Waiting

  1. What do you need or what tasked to you need to accomplish to complete your to-do list for the day?
  2. What do you want or what things would you want to accomplish or complete if you only had more time?
  3. What assets are available or what facilities, technology, or other attributes can you tap into to make use of during this time?
  4. What help can you bring with you or what tools can you pack along to assist you in better waiting?

Better waiting begins before the waiting starts. I need to take a moment to prepare for what I can do and also to know what I want to get done. The more I prepare to better the chances of creating better waiting.

Use Your Time - with Kathryn Lang

Make the Better Plans for Better Waiting

  • Review your list of needs and wants and compare these to the assets and tools you have available. Write out a statement about those that connect.
    I want to be able to walk up stairs without losing my breath – the church has stairs that will let me work up to that goal with practice
  • Make a plan for what you can do with these connections or through these connections.
    The co-op group is noisy and hard to concentrate through, but by bringing some outlines or first drafts I can work through the noise.
  • Schedule out your time for putting these connections and ideas into specific and purposeful actions.
    Think about how much time you will have to wait and try to work out tasks to do during that time.

Waiting can be a waste or it can be an investment. The amount of time used by waiting or the reason behind the waiting has little to do with the results. Waiting for practice to end and waiting for the appointment to finish both have the same potential for waste or for gain. It is not the waiting that matters but what I do in the waiting that will make the difference.

How will you make the most of your waiting?

Be blessed,

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