No More Missing the Mark

Missing the Mark
We get closer each year, although the world might not notice. The world would frown on our place and our contentment. The world just does not get it. But we are closing in on that place of exceeding abundance. Each step we take brings us that one step closer to our unique purpose.

We are not to the Brook Cherith – yet. We are barely in range of its babbling music. Ware are going, and I know that with our going we move closer to that place of more than just enough.

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God told Elijah to go to the Brook Cherith and he would be cared for at that place. Elijah drank from the brook and the ravens brought him food. As long as Elijah was in the place God sent him he had provision.

I wonder what happens when war just off the mark. If Elijah had stopped before he got to that particular place, would he have received the crumbs of the bread that fell from the ravens as they flew to the place he was supposed to be? If Elijah had chosen to stop even sooner, would he have been the recipient of some bird poop?

It takes more than getting close. We have to get to that place that God desires for our lives – not because He demands obedience but because it is where we find our provision.

I look around and I see a lot of bird poop and bread crumbs. I know that we are closer, but I know that we are just off the mark. Now we have to continue taking the steps that will allow us to get back on track and find our Brook Cherith.

Are you hitting the mark or dogging bird poop? Make one choice today that will allow you to get back on track and get to where you are designed to be.

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