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How to Find the Real Answers in the Unexpected Moments

The blessings of God and the blessing from God may not always be what we expected. We need to learn how to see them in a different light to appreciate where we at this moment of our journey.

Designed for more than just enough

God stepped up in a mighty way.

We were struggling and I was on the edge of panic.


God came through. God always comes through. When I jump out of the boat and start doing my thing, only to get some water to the face from a wave which causes me to lose my focus and start to sink . . . God still comes through. He reaches down and pulls me up.

The kicker here is that Peter could swim. Jesus still reached down and pulled him up because Peter cried out for help.

I appreciate these moments and I know how amazing they are, but they sometimes make it easier for us to put off what we know to do or want to do because we are safe for the moment.

After all, Jesus also told us not to worry about tomorrow.

There is a difference between preparing for tomorrow and worrying about tomorrow. I need to have a plan and my plan MUST be aligned with the guidance I receive from investing in time with God (in His Word and in prayer with Him, with my family, and with others).

We are not called to live a life of “just enough.” We are called to live a life of peace, prosperity, and boldness.

cry out for help


Just like that, I have a better understanding of what I’m sharing and why I’m sharing it. We see the “stopgap” measures as a life preserver – something that keeps us safe in the moment. In truth, they are our provision for the journey. These unexpected moments of provision are the manna from heaven – not because we aren’t where we are supposed to be but because we are on the journey to get there.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Jesus promised He would be with us on this journey and we would have what we needed to make the journey.

I always go back to Elijah being fed by the ravens. Elijah didn’t stop just shy of where God told him to go. He went to the place God had directed. Now maybe if he had stopped he would have still gotten something – maybe a few crumbs from where the birds flew over on the way to the place of provision – but he would also have gotten some bird poop. I have been settled into a place of bread crumbs and bird poop for far too long.

I am ready for the full provision.

full provision of God

The full provision of God is not a bank account overflowing with capital, but a conduit of provision flowing where it is needed. The full provision of God is not a pantry stocked to the point of not knowing what’s available, but a kitchen that provides what is needed for the widow, her son, and the unexpected visit of a prophet. The full provision of God is not what we can see that we need but what He knows we need when we need it.

It won’t come by sitting around waiting for it, but it also won’t always look the way we expected. Maybe the unexpected provisions are not so much a life preserver to get us to the next point but they are a reminder that we are moving in the right direction.

Be blessed,
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