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Avoid Sharing Control of Your Day with Bad Attitudes

You can choose to share control of your day or you can choose to keep control. Bad attitudes are bound to cut you off or try to trip you up. It’s not a matter of when or how, but what you do when those bad attitudes show up.

Your Snarky Rainbows Moment

Driving down Alabama Highway 431 has been equated to running a medieval gauntlet, and with good reason. You never know what dangers will lurch out at you. It is often a matter of life and death. And the people on the road with you often view you as the opponent.

I avoid the gauntlet with every fiber of my being, but the powers that be determined I had to run the gauntlet all this week for Sports Camp. They closed the back road I would have taken. I have no doubt it was planned to annoy me.

The third day through the morning gauntlet experience, I made the mistake of being in the wrong lane at the wrong time. After coming down the mountain, I have to get in the left lane to be able to turn left at the red light.

I turned on my blinker – forgetting momentarily that the flashing light on the end of the car means little or nothing to most people on Hwy 431. After the car beside me finally eased by, I squeezed in between it and the car behind it.

The car behind it was not impressed with my (might I say EXCELLENT) maneuverability and she expressed her displeasure with an extended honk and more than a few expletives.

The rest of my ride home, I thought about her and in the middle of my rant about how she should have seen my blinker and known I was getting over, I realized I had also ignored the fact that she was ignoring me.

I knew she was not interested in letting me over, but I moved over anyway.

Too often we get caught up in what we are doing and we leave no room for someone else. And then heaven help the one that makes the mistake of trying to squeeze into to our tunnel focus. We honk. We cuss. We rant.

If we would make the choice to take four more minutes in our day and drive on through town and out of traffic, or slow down and let others merge in front of us even if it causes us to lose five seconds in our day, or just think about others before pushing forward in our own journey then maybe we could make a difference in the lives we encounter – but also in our own lives.

When we choose to slow down and think of others we limit the possibility that the negatives those others are carrying around will have a chance to jump over and land on us.

Be blessed,

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Quote of the Day for June 13, 2018

focus on encouraging

You become less judgmental of others when you make the choice of focusing on being encouraging and uplifting to those you encounter.
– Kathryn Lang

Build a Difference

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