Connecttions and Relationships

How to Cash In on the Connections You Create

Relationships matter. Connections connect lives and hearts. People produce possibilities for purpose.

The amount of time and effort I invest in others will directly determine the place I land in my journey to success.

Each time I sign up to be a part of events as a participant or as a presenter, I think about what matters.

It started with a desire to make money – or at least to break even with the investment. Now I see it as much as an investment. Each one is an opportunity to invest my heart, invest my energy, and invest my resources. I attend events looking for ways to create connections and grow relationships.

An interesting development occurred once that shift began. I set out to create connections so I began making some amazing connections – many completely unexpected. The connections are valuable, but a better result came as I discovered I was positioned to connect others to the ones they needed to meet.


The amount of time and effort I invest in others will directly determine the place I land in my journey to success.[/tweetthis]

I continued to invest in building connections, and invest just as much energy and focus into being a connector. This investment grew relationships. People I invested in became invested in me as well – not because I asked for the return investment or because I needed something from them but because we had connected and are building something together.

It has to be about more than the dollar signs if I want to build more. Creating a solid foundation requires an investment in relationships.

Building Better Relationships

  1. It is not about me – I need to be looking for ways to make the encounter beneficial and memorable for you. When my efforts are focused on you, then I invest in growing up a better relationships.
  2. Know the audience – do some research to see who will be attending, who presented in the previous years, and even the experiences of those that have attended in the past. Knowing why people are attending can help me understand them and their needs so I’m prepared to invest in connections.

  3. Understand the purpose (of the event) – if it is an information gathering event then have information available for visitors to take. You may have the ability to set up a table to sell your products, but be sure you also match the purpose of the event along the way.
  4. Weigh the potential ROI (return on investment – an event that costs $800 for a booth would require selling around 200 – 250 print copies of books. That’s a LOT of books to carry around. Weighing the costs makes it possible to have realistic expectations.

Building strong connections and then investing in those connections to grow up relationships creates the opportunity to cash in – to get more, to give more, and to be more.

Relationships matter. Find ways to invest in the people around you.

Be blessed,
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Continue to grow up relationships and invest in others

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Thank you to the Alabama School Library Association

Alabama School Library Association
The Summer Conference was held on June 12, 2017 at Vestavia High School. The Librarians were a delight and keep me smiling. The organizers had a strong plan and AMAZING food. The Vestavia High School Ambassadors lit up the place where their positive spirits and their wonderful red dresses.

It is a unique opportunity, and unique is always fun!

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