Grizzly is My Hero


There have been a number of different websites that I have looked to in an effort to understand writing for the internet, blogging and attracting visitors to my websites. I have found a common thread among many of the top sites and it is that something is for sale. The problem I run into is that if I had the extra money for the eBooks and workshops then I wouldn’t be struggling so hard to MAKE money online.

Over at How to Make Money Online for Beginners Grizzly is giving away some of that information for free. I have already put some of his tips into practice – like the Make Money Blogging Lessons – but I know that I have so much more to learn.

Keywords are still an issue for my writing. With the help of Grizzly’s lessons I was able to put together one article that I thought was strong for the keyword phrase “freelance writing” but I felt like the re-writing process needed to post on the article marketplace was very time consuming for me. Maybe the writing will get faster for me with practice.

The Grizzly Blogging Method or Freelance Writing for the Internet IMO

It seems that the Grizzly method to make money online all comes around to starting with the right keyword or key phrase, posting quality material, and spreading the love through re-writes posted on article marketing sites.

    1. Start with having the keyword in the title of the blog and the domain name. Grizzly suggests some ways to get the keywords that you want.

    2. Use the keywords in your articles with balance. Too much keyword usage and the search engines will flag it as spam. Too little use of the keywords and the search engine may not put it as high on the search engine lists.

    3. Write quality material that visitors will enjoy and use. The longer the visitor sticks around the more likely you are to get them to click on an ad or affiliate link.

    4. Getting links – and getting the RIGHT links. Grizzly points out not just how to get links but also which links will push your website to the top of the search engines.

    5. Share the things that you write. I had no idea, but according to the master Grizzly, re-posting my articles on places like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com will NOT help my search engine ranking because it’s the same material and the search engines recognize it that way and only count it once. That means I need to re-write my articles that I’m going to share through these free services in order to get a boost from using these websites.

Okay – so maybe this is a blatant attempt at getting some traffic using Grizzly as a keyword. If it works then I’ll let you know. But this post is also about finding the right information for you, your website and your blog on the internet.

There is so much information on the internet about how to be a freelance writer, how to build a website and making money online. Many of the top websites offer some of the information for free and some of it for a fee. Grizzly is one of the few websites that I have found that offers blunt (and sometimes too blunt) information at a price everyone can afford – FREE!

It seems that there is no one way to get to freelance writing success. The best thing that I can do for my freelance writing career or just building my blogs is to take the information that is available through the different sites, like Grizzly’s, and then piece together a plan that works for my needs, budgets and schedules.

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