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Collaborate and Listen to Grow Up Foundational Relationships

Collaboration clears the way for growing relationships and building up a world of possibilities. Collaboration is not about working together – at least, not always – but about coming together to share inspiration and ideas that are mutually beneficial to all in some way.

Make time for collaboration

The other day, I found that I had “over-peopled.” I had spent more time and energy dealing with people than I had to invest. My account was overdrawn and it made me irritable and annoyed at anyone and anything that happened to come into my line of vision.

It didn’t make sense. Normally, I am full-blown extroverted. I want to be around people. I would go so far as to say that I NEED to be around people.

It dawned on me that the difference between my “over-peopled” day and the need to be around people was collaboration. When I am around people and collaborating in any form (sharing laughs, sharing ideas, or just sharing time together) then I am inspired to go and do more than I could do on my own.

When I experience my “over-peopled” moments then I am stuck dealing with people, situations, or moments and that drains my energy instead of feeding it.

I need collaboration. In truth, we all need collaboration. Collaboration is about coming together to share ideas and information in ways that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Collaborate online. Twitter chats, like #Social Café, are perfect for connecting with like-minded folks to encourage and inspire. Facebook groups can also offer the collaboration opportunities.
  • Collaborate in person. CoWorking Night at HuntsvilleWest (and sponsored by Urban Engine) provided the ideal environment to grow collaboration. MeetUps, conferences, and seminars are also in-person opportunities to invest in collaboration.
  • Reach out to others. Make your own collaboration opportunities. Invite a couple of friends over for an afternoon or schedule coffee or lunch with a friend or two.

It is not a matter of how you determine to collaborate but only that you find ways to collaborate. And remember, on those days when you feel most like you don’t want to collaborate, those are the days you most often need it the most.

Invest in connecting, helping, and engaging with others so that you create an atmosphere for you (and for all those involved) that gives life to possibilities. Remember to stop, collaborate, and listen if you want to develop the relationships that will help you stand firm in your pursuit of success.

Be blessed,

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Quote of the Day for June 4, 2018

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.
—Henry Ford

Quote of the Day - working together

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