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I CAN Make a Difference – Rant from an Exercise Bike

Two years ago, I invested the most I had invested in one chunk in my writing and in my pursuit of this thing called a writing career. I had my website professionally redone and I attended a huge event in Birmingham, Alabama.

My return on investment was so close to zero that it is not worth mentioning. I kept a positive spin on it – I ALWAYS keep a positive spin on it. “We made connections.” “We helped others.” “We got our name out.”

I came home from the event, put my head down, and continued pushing. It was all that I knew to do. Keep pushing because your breakthrough is always just around the corner.

This week – Facebook reminded me of that moment with a “this time two years ago” image share. Thanks Facebook. I looked at that image and I thought about the investment and I stopped.

I stopped pushing.
I stopped planning.
I stopped hoping.

I sighed, shook my head, and walked away.

Okay, I only walked away to go refill my cup. I am invested in pursuing words and I am not sure there is anything that can hinder that at this point. But I was not happy about coming back and sitting down and getting moving again.

I did feel deflated and I did have to get recharged but I went back to it. Even though most of the time I feel like I am on an exercise bike instead of a trail bike, you know, spinning and spinning but not going anywhere, still, I understand that unless I do it then I will never get anything done.

It would be nice for some of these things to start falling into place. It would be nice for someone to come along and tell me why things are not going the way I want. There are a lot of things that would be nice, but not getting them can never be the reason I stop pursing my dream.

Do you ever want to quit?

What keeps you going?

Be blessed,


You can if you will – how are you going to continue in the pursuit of your dream? How are you going to create the difference for your life?

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