Finding Personal Fulfillment

It is important that each of us live a life that is fully satisfied and completely fulfilled. This is the life that God has designed for His children. The great thing about His plan is that He is also he provider.

Things Needed for Personal Fulfillment

    1. Acceptance – I need to feel that I am loved and that I am needed. God has revealed His love for me every day in small and major ways. I just have to keep reminding myself that His love is always around.

    2. Identity – I need to feel that I am significant and that I am unique. God wove me in my mother’s womb. He molded and shaped my desires, talents and gifts for the purpose that HE has already set up for me.

    3. Security – I need to know that I am protected and that I will have the provisions that I need. God sets an army around me – sometimes in angelic terms and sometimes in the family of the church.

    4. Purpose – I have to learn to recognize my purpose and my reason for being. God chose me for a specific purpose and He is guiding me to that purpose. He has my reason for being.

There is no place where I can get the things I need for fulfillment. Some times some of the needs will be met here on earth, but people will always disappoint. Looking to people for my personal fulfillment hinders their ability to meet their own purposes (because they are so busy catering to me). The only person that has all of the resources necessary to help me reach a place of personal fulfillment is God.

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