Finding Inspiration for Writing

There are days when I struggle for inspiration for my writing. There are those times when the ideas are flowing faster than my fingers can type. It is great when I can stumble over something that ignites that muse and gets her dancing out of control.

Recently I started sorting through a box full of old sermon notes, Sunday school notes and other information that I’ve collected over the years. I was going to put the information into folders on different subjects. Some of them are ten years old and I haven’t gone back over them since I first wrote them down. But I just didn’t have the heart to throw them out.

Today I began using each day of notes to create a blog post for my Proverbs 31 website. Many of the notes are done in outline form so the articles almost write themselves. Since I started a 100 articles in 100 days this stack of old notes is definitely going to push me in the right direction.

More Places to Find Inspiration for Writing

    1. Flip through magazines at the doctor’s office. Get ideas from the titles of the different stories and even create outlines from the articles. Bring the information home and then create your own article from the inspiration found while waiting for the doctor.

    2. Watch the television. Find shows that cover the subjects that you write about and translate those stories into articles.

    3. Read other blogs or search the internet for keyword stories. Reading what other people are writing will often inspire you to write your own articles. Sometimes seeing what is popular in the search engines can be all that you need to get the muse dancing.

    4. Eavesdrop when you are out in public. Some of the best story ideas that I have found have been overheard in a waiting room, elevator or other public area. The more cell phones around then the more information you are going to glean from the experience.

    5. Sort through your old letters, journals and other scrapbook type materials that you have accumulated over the years. If nothing else you may come up with an article about how to rid your house of clutter that you never use anymore.

There is no limit to the places and ways that you can uncover ideas for the articles that you write. The odds are that once you get started you will be amazed at how easy it can be to find great ideas for writing your freelance work.

Kathryn Lang

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