Easiest Way to Get Your Home Clean

There will be an undetermined number of people at my house on Saturday. It was by request, so it’s not a shock to me. It’s just been a while since I hosted people in my home and so I’m already at work to whip the house into shape.

While I was cleaning out a box of stuff the other day (one that has been moving from chair to chair to table and around again while waiting to be filed) it dawned on me that hosting a get together might be the best way to get your home in shape.

1. Make a game plan. Go from room to room with a notebook and make a list of everything that needs to be done or that you want done before the big day.

2. Be reasonable. You do not need to tackle major DIY projects just before a big event. Save those for the day after. Focus instead on cleaning up and sprucing up.

3. Spread it out. Take one room at a time and tackle one project each day (depending mainly on your timeline). It’s amazing how much you can get done by spending one hour a day doing heavy cleaning and purging.

4. Save the scented cleaning for the day of or the day before. Clean the bathrooms, change the cat box, empty the trash and mop the day before the party and everything will smell clean and fresh when your guests arrive.

5. Box up what’s not done at the last minute. Work as long as you can, but hours before guests start arriving it’s time to hide what you have left. Keep a couple of empty boxes around as dump zones and tuck them away in your closet.

Hosting a party or a get together is a great way to get your house in tip-top shape. It puts a deadline on when things have to get done and sparks some motivation in the cleaning process. If you aren’t hosting a party anytime soon then circle a date on the calendar when you will have the house in shape (you can always PRETEND there’s going to be a party – maybe your spouse will throw a surprise party for the clean home). The main thing is that you work toward the goal every day and eventually you will get there.

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