Freelance Writing Basics – What to Expect

The second question I usually get when people find out I am a freelance writer is “can I make a living doing that?” The answer is a layered answer that starts with what is a living and ends with is this something you have a passion to do. Not everyone can make a living as a freelance writer. Most anyone can make some money as a freelance writer.

Make a Living with Freelance Writing

    1. Determine what amount of money you need to make from your freelance writing by determining the number of hours you need to work divided into the amount of income you need to make. Example: $1000 per week divided by 40 hours per week equals $25 per hour.

    2. Calculate how many articles or words you can write in one hour. 800 words in one hour means that you only need to charge around $.03 per word to meet your $25 per hour income of the example before.

    3. Begin searching for online jobs through listings, forums, and other connections until you reach the job amount you need for your desired income.

    4. Online opportunities can start out as low as $.15 for 15 words and go up to $1 per word. The amount of experience, the level of expertise and other factors will help determine what level you will be paid or you should request for pay.

Creating Your Own Income

    1. Start a blog and use adsense and other advertising opportunities.

    2. Sale products through your website using affiliate marketing.

    3. Create eBooks and sale through your own websites or other websites with similar visitors.

    4. Build your expertise and create workshops and classes online

Making a living with freelance writing is possible. The way you will make a living and how much you will make through freelance writing will be dependant on you, your experience, your needs and your persistence.

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  1. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate how much effort it’ll be to constantly write “that” fast, each and every day that you put in. It’s exhausting to come up with massive amounts of content.

    1. Hey ra – thanks for stopping by. I completely agree about keeping up that pace constantly. There are days when I’m lucky if I can put two sentences together and there are days when I can kick out a half dozen articles before the sun comes up. That’s one of the reasons I try to write as much as I can when the words are flowing so I have some content built up for when it’s not.

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