Writing Goals

Writing comes from the heart but must be directed by the mind. Goals are valuable tools to map out a path to passion and purpose when it comes to a writing career. It helps to know where you are going so that you can recognize when you get there (and when you get off track).

The last several days I have been bombarded with blog posts and forum comments pushing me to focus my goals particularly in regards to my writing career. My first thought was that I just want to do what I feel led to do and not worry about the rest. My second thought was that if Noah had not had the PLANS for the ark then he might have ended up floating on a plank instead of being tucked into the ark.

Janalyn over at Author Haven has been running a series on building your platform by defining your goals in writing. If you think that writing is just about writing then you will soon see that it can and should be so much more.

Shelia Wray Gregoire hosts a Blog Talk Radio program each Tuesday and she has been talking about speaking but everything she says easily applies to the writing career as well. And these days all writers should be speakers.

The need for goals for my life and for my writing has also come through the Christian Writers forum, church and the bible study that I am doing with my husband. Apparently I need more tangible and specific goals in my life.

The goals for my writing can not be the end of the journey. I have to remember that the goals are only the road map. If I never start the engine or if I take more breaks than I do journeys then I will never reach my destination.

Plan and then pursue!

Do you have goals for your writing? Are you putting those goals to work to help you reach your purpose? What can you do right now to make a difference?

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