Becoming a Full Time Writer

Expectations and obligations come with writing as a business. No longer can it just be about words on the paper. Time, money and location all become a factor.

Several months ago I was privilege to give a workshop about writing basics. The attendees jumped write in with questions about their own writing and the presentation packaged I carefully put together was quickly out the door. It was a great few hours, but now I was sitting with a stack of links, tips and messages that I had not gotten to share completely.

My many online friends have talked about writing eBooks as an additional way to promote my writing and my services. This was a perfect time to put the idea to action. I used the information to develop an eBook, “Full Time Freelance Writing.” The book is designed to be a guide for those that are venturing into writing as a business.

8 Steps to Full Time Writing

    1. Finding your niche – learning what you can write and what you want to write.
    2. Writing as a business – developing a business plan to guide your writing career.
    3. Make a living writing – create a livable budget for your writing income.
    4. Learning the markets – finding the best places to market your writing.
    5. Online and print – some of the basic differences between the two venues and how those differences can work for or against you.
    6. Protecting your writing – some copyright information.
    7. Giving away your writing – promoting your skills without monetary compensation.
    8. Getting paid to write – tips on handling the negotiations.

Writing full time is a long journey. Making a living from that full time effort may not come overnight. Having the right plan in place could mean the difference between finding the success that you desire with your freelance writing and hitting a financial barrier that keeps you from pursuing your passion to its end.

Buy your copy of “Full Time Freelance Writing” today.

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