Freelance Writing Markets – More Basics

Deciding to take the plunge into freelance writing as a full time career is only the beginning of the journey. Uncovering different job opportunities can be a job in and of itself.

Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

    1. Forums – new forums don’t like to look like new forums so many will hire companies to have people make posts and comments. The pay may not be exceptional but it can be consistent. Comments of just 15 words can earn you up to $.17 each. Quality posts could also lead to potential article writing in the future.

    2. Blogging jobs – many people start dozens of blogs that they have no way of updating on a regular basis on their own. Writing blogs for these websites can be an additional way to add to your freelance writing income. Most blogs start off paying around $.02 per word for posts around 300 words.

    3. Ghost writing – many companies hire freelance writers to produce articles, workbooks, press releases and almost anything that customers request. There are no bylines, but there is plenty of income available through these companies.

    4. eZines – there are a number of online varieties of magazines that provide different material from their print cousins. The pay may be a bit less than the print versions but the competition may not be as intense. There are also a number of ezines that only have online versions. You can expect to get around $25 for online articles although some will only provide a byline and connection to your own websites.

There are plenty of places that need content or writing for their websites or advertisements. The only way to land these jobs is to begin applying, querying and actively working to get the jobs that you desire from the freelance writing markets.

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