Outsider’s Attitude Towards Freelance

There are times when I feel like the people closest to me recent me the most. Nothing they actually do or say cries out the foul, but it’s almost something in their eyes or tone of voice. It seems to say “you are not really working and it is not fair you are getting paid.”

Over the last year, my freelance writing career has taken off in several different directions. I’m having success in print, lots of success on the internet, and success in avenues of writing that I would never have considered. The best part of my success is that I can work when I have to work and I can play when I need to play.

While the success has been nice, the people around me have not always been so nice. If there is an errand or task that needs to be accomplished, I’m the go to girl. After all, I work at home and it’s not like I do anything any way. I understand how the people around me can feel like that at times – there are times when I feel that way myself.

In the end it doesn’t matter what the neighbor thinks, or the in-laws, or even my own family. Writing is my passions and my love and I’m beginning to discover more wonderful ways to get others to pay me to do what I do best. I can wallow in my own pity that others resent what I am doing or I can press on to even greater things. If I want to make my freelance writing more successful every day then I have to aim for new goals that will get me there.

1. Today I am sending out one more query before I call it a night.
2. Today I am going to write one more blog before logging off the computer.
3. Today I am applying for one more gig that is a little out of my normal routine.
4. Today I am going to ask one long time client for a raise.
5. Today I am determined to be and do more than I have ever imagined possible.

When you are caught up in doing what you love the time will fly past, the work will almost seem effortless and the success will find you. The only thing that can hinder your journey is the attitudes and actions (even the unintentional ones) of the people around you. Don’t let them pull you down. Determine to fly and then spread your wings and go.

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