Just Turn Around

There are times when I go out into our field and sit at the picnic table to do my bible study. Today I was sitting there looking at the cloudy sky complaining about the wind blowing my hair in my face. “Turn around.” It was a simple thought and it made since, so I did.

As soon as I looked up I had to smile. The sky was a crisp blue and the clouds were fluffy and white. The breeze was now pleasantly blowing my hair back. It was a whole different world – all because I turned around.

The irony did not miss me. Too many times I complain about the trouble that I am facing or the struggle that I am going through. Sometimes I find out in time, but usually I can only see the truth from the other side. If I had just been willing to turn around, to take a different path, to listen to that still, small voice then the sky would have been blue and the clouds would have been fluffy.

My object lesson has me aimed a different way right now. When tough times come (and we all know that they come – whether real or in our own minds) then I’m going to turn around. Maybe the view from the other direction is not so stormy.

This post has been featured on the August 27, 2008 addition of the Christian Carnival hosted at Thinking Christian. It includes a number of thoughtful posts and links that are worth visiting!

Kathryn Lang

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