Guaranteed Key to Writing Success

There is only one way to guarantee that you will ever become a successful writer. You have to write. It may seem simple enough but anyone who has ever tackled this particular field will tell you that it is rarely easy. There are days when your schedule is too hectic, the kids are too chaotic or you just aren’t feeling the muse. Those are the days that you have to buckle down and to it anyway.

1. When you don’t FEEL like writing pull out a notebook and just write what you are feeling. Sometimes the babble will spark a stream of thought that can lead into a river of inspiration.

2. Start early. Set aside some time before the sun comes up (or your sons GET up). It is amazing how much can be accomplished in these still, quiet hours of the day.

3. HIDE. If they can’t find you then they can’t disturb you. Create a space away from the chaos where you can go to write – and go there every day for a set amount of time. If you don’t have space in your home then go outside. If you can’t find a place outside then go to the library.

4. Re-think what you are doing. Serious writers must be serious about writing. When you start thinking about it as a job and not a hobby and treating it in the same manner you will discover how much easier it can be to make time to write.

5. Set goals – whether it is so many words per day or so many queries per week. You need to be working at something each and every time you sit down to write.

6. Join a group. Having a regular meeting and a group that will hold you accountable can help you with your writing regularity. Many times the group will also offer challenges or “homework” for you to focus on during the week. These can be great inspirations for new projects.

7. Skip the excuses. There is always a reason (excuse, explanation or however you want to define it) for not doing what you know you need to do. Turn off the television, walk away from the computer game and choose to just do it instead.

History has no record of any successful writer that hasn’t written. Most of the top writers talk of writing constantly (and getting rejected) before finally making it through. Many of them carried on other lives – as janitors, lawyers or moms – before realizing the dream. If you want to be successful at writing then you must make time each and every day to write.

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