Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Kathryn Lang

“I had no idea you did that.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement – sometimes from close friends or even family – well, I could by that bridge I have heard so much about. There are things in our life that we do, awards that we win or accomplishments that we reach that we just never share. Sometimes it is a concern over being labeled a braggart. Sometimes it may be worry about the direction your path is taking and what others will have to say. Sometimes we may not have the disposition to shout it from the rooftops.

I decided to share some things about myself and my journey – and I am challenging you to share your own top ten list (on your blog, on your social media or in a comment below).

Top Ten Kathryn Lang Secrets

    1. I have written bookS – yes, that is book with an “s” meaning more than one. Currently, I have two novels, three non-fiction, four gift books (compilation of my Reflections column) and one e-book. I also have one fiction in the process of launching, one being edited and one being finished. In the non-fiction department I have one being finished and the e-book begin expanded for print release.

    2. I enjoy talking – okay, for those that know me I can hear your sarcastic remarks right now. I enjoy a great conversation, but this is so much more. I discovered I love being able to encourage a crowd – on the radio or on the stage. I have had the opportunity to speak to groups as small as five and as large as 500. I do radio broadcasts, podcasts on my blog and video chats on YouTube. The more I talk the more I find that I love the venue! Did I mention that I am a speaker and radio host?

    3. I home school our three boys. It started as an opportunity to do more with them – more field trips, more hands on learning, more time together – and has continued for their most of their education. The oldest son will be a senior next year – and part of his school will be launching his own business. It is just COOL what we get to do when we home school.

    4. I love tackling DIY projects – especially if it involves power tools of any sort. I get a little giddy at Lowe’s when they use that giant saw – I know, sad, huh? Crafts, building projects, even repairs around the house are all things that I want to learn and enjoy trying.

    5. I struggle with my confidence. I live in a world of positive thinking, by day. At night, the shadows taunt me and I wonder if what I am doing is what I should be doing or if I have a clue about my direction AT ALL. Yes, this is a deep, dark secret that I keep to myself because what kind of encouragement writer and speaker struggles with such nonsense.

    6. I like living out in the woods on the large track of land. I like being able to work in the garden and mow the lawn. I like being able to identify plants, birds, snakes and yes, even spiders. I am not an expert at any of it, but I enjoy all of it.

    7. I wonder sometimes (usually after I puruse Facebook) if I am doing enough for my kids. This concern often shows up about the same time my confidence skitters away from the shadows.

    8. I love my husband – and most of the time I even like him. This love is not determined by his actions. This love is not determined by his career. This love is not determined by his love. I made the choice to love my husband and I make the choice each and every day to continue to love him. It is as simple as that.

    9. I am not a religious person – although I am a faithful person. I do not adhere to one doctrine over another in the Christian faith. I just read the Book, try to learn from the Words each day, and really focus on walking out that learned Word. The building that my family and I attend is just an element of the journey.

    10. I have faith that it will all work out. I know what it looks like. I hear what is going on. I see the reports about the circumstances. But I mentioned before that I have read the Book – and I know that the boat does not sink in this one. 😉

So, what are your ten secrets – what are those things that you think others might find interesting but that you are not so quick to shout out for yourself?

I look forward to hearing yours and hope you enjoyed mine.

Be blessed,


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