Reasons Christians Need Church

Everyone has met that person that says they can talk to God better in the quiet of the woods or on the fishing boat or just about anywhere besides the inside of a church. The problem with this theory is that the church was not designed to be the place where we talk to God or even where we worship God. The church was designed for fellowship with other believers and scripture is adamant about not forsaking fellowship.

Tops Reasons for Attending Church

    1. It is only in the presence of other believers that you can stand boldly. The world tries to pull you down. That’s its job. Being surrounded by the saints serves as a booster shot that gives you the strength to carry on in despite of the world around you.

    2. Church opens opportunities to be an encourager. Your walk and your words can be the inspiration that another person needs to keep going. I was once approached by a lady that confessed she had considered leaving church altogether but seeing my smile each time and hearing that I was lifting her up in prayer helped her to continue on through a dark moment in her life.

    3. You can be encouraged. The smiles and prayers of the genuinely concerned can do more to lift your spirit than anything else this world could ever HOPE to offer.

    4. Church is a celebration – and who doesn’t like to celebrate. Celebrations can not happen alone. They are only truly celebrations when they are shared with others.

    5. Being around others will give you accountability. You will be more inclined to walk the talk when you know that others are watching. It shouldn’t be that way, but the reality of the flesh is that we do better when we know there are eyes watching our behavior.

    6. Church is a connection to the body of Christ. We all need that feeling of connection and of family. The Body of Believers can be just the thing that the Great Physician ordered.

The church is not just the building. Think how much better your week would be if you did not forsake the fellowship EACH DAY. You can meet with believers for coffee before work, at lunch time or have a gathering of believers and their families for dinner. The key to attending church is to meet regularly with believers and share in the benefits of family membership.

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