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How to Create Your Anchor Plan in 4 Steps

When you have an anchor plan, you are prepared to deal with the changing currents, the rising tide (or falling tide), and even the waves. You have to be flexible in your plan to have the focus you need to keep going.

anchor plan

I knew I needed baking soda. It was on the grocery list. It even had an “x 2” next to it (so not only did I need it but apparently I needed a lot of it).

I couldn’t figure out why I needed so much. I stared at the list for several minutes dumb-founded by the item on the list.

Five hours later, I sat down in the living room and BANG!

“That’s why I need baking soda,” I announced out loud.

Nobody was in the house but me but I felt compelled to explain anyway. “I needed the extra baking soda to clean the oven.”

Some days things get so hectic or move so fast you forget things from one moment to the next and why you were doing what you were doing (or why you walked into the next room).

You end up standing there staring around the room wondering what is up.

Having an anchor plan gives you something to go back to when you get tangled up in those moments. In those moments of hectic chaos, an anchor plan becomes your anchor to sanity.

Having an Anchor Plan

    An anchor plan has to be grounded in your unique purpose. It’s about the design of you and the path you are walking. It’s not about what others are trying to dictate or demand.

    An anchor plan has to be flexible. There will need to be some give so you can bend and twist with the ebbs and flows.

    An anchor plan needs to be specific. Cleaning the house can be a lofty goal, but you need to have some specific steps to take to get there.

    An anchor plan needs to be measurable. You want to be able to look back at what you did and see that you accomplished things.

It can get stormy out there. It can get hectic out there. It can get crazy enough you forget why you did what you did and have to remind yourself, out loud, with an explanation.

An anchor plan will make it easier to get back on track. If I had put the anchor task of cleaning my oven on my list then I would have known why I baking soda on there and I wouldn’t have spent five hours with the question roaming around the back of my mind.

Things will happen, but an anchor plan keeps you steady even in the storm.

Be blessed,
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