Elle Kyle Purdum

TOGETHER We Make the Difference

Each month the goal for my writing ministry is to offer 1/10th of all book proceeds to an individual, a group, an organization or a cause that has caught my attention and that I want to draw your attention to as well. There are more wonderful causes than I could begin to touch on in just a year, but this is my start. I hope that you will join me in the effort by one of the three ways I will suggest at the end of the article.

January is my birthday month and so I am going to start with a young lady from my hometown. Elle Kyle Purdum is pursuing her dream of acting. Her parents are supporting her in this leap of faith by sending her to the Alabama School of Performing Arts. I fully believe that if we can all discover our unique passions and place in Purpose then it becomes a little easier for everyone.

Ways that you can help me help Elle in her journey to pursue this dream.

    You can head over to my author page and purchase any of the books currently available through that site (be sure to like the page up in the upper right-hand side while you are there) – print or electronic version.

    You can share this post, Elle’s GoFundMe page, or my author page to help get out the word. Just with sharing, we will begin to make a difference.

If you know of another good cause – an individual pursuing a dream, an organization meeting needs, an event lighting a candle – please share them with me. Without sharing, I will never know how I need to reach out and help.

Be blessed!


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