Balancing Laws and Faith

This world where we dwell runs on rules and laws. Our Father supersedes those rules and laws – such as gravity, time and even death – but not just all willy nilly. He is an orderly God.

We walk in this world and with a contentious awareness of the rules and laws. The power of God pushes us forward and propels us with love, compassion and forgiveness that could not exist any other way.

There are moments in my walk when I wonder if the compassion and forgiveness are ever superseded by the laws and the rules?

A friend told me that she was hit by a guy. “He did not mean to hurt me, so I chose not to press charges.” We all think that they do not mean to hurt us. After a few days, the realization of what occurred finally sunk in. She was fearful for what he might do next time, either to her or to the next person. At the same time she was concerned that going through the laws and rules of this world (the court system) would mean that she had abandoned the forgiveness and compassion of God.

Another friend mentioned a time when a family member died. After having stated for years how the will was written, one family member received the entire inheritance. My friend debated going to court. She struggled between being a good steward over the inheritance and trusting that what worked out worked out for a reason. She did not want the greed of the world to be the driving force over love and faith.

Walking in this world feels like a balancing act most of the time. Sometimes the answers seem easier than others. What would you say to my friends? What are the keys that will allow us to stand firm, be humble and meek, and walk in faith?

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