Starting Behind Gets me Behind Farther

Today was one of those days that just never seemed to click. I ended up over sleeping after getting up with the youngest around 2 am. That delay of one hour soon worked its way into two hours and then three. Before I knew it lunch was over, the bug man had stopped by and stayed for a visit and the afternoon was gone.

Now I’m caught in a Catch 22. I need to get some work done to keep from getting too far behind, but if I stay up much longer I’ll struggle with getting up in the morning which will push me even farther behind than I already am.

It is times like these when I wonder if I’m using my time as well as I seem to think I am. I know I got SOMETHING done today but it’s not the stuff that I have written out on my to do list so it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten anything done. I do know that I didn’t waste the day away in front of the television (I’m keeping up with my time and anything over a certain amount for the week I have to pay the boys $1 per half hour).

I’ll probably end up in a compromise – I’ll write until about 10 pm (just an hour past when I would normally be in bed) and then push myself a little harder than normal tomorrow. I still have too many hours worth of work to complete, but at least I will be rested for the task!

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