Lifting Up Your Husband

Times can be hard for a wife whose husband is not happy. The reasons may not even be clear. All she knows is that when he comes home the mood changes. That has happened in my own home more than once. Normally I turn to God for strength to get through, but today I had a revelation that I want to share.

An expert in family counseling was discussing how men in today’s society are programmed to be failures. He said that success is defined by extreme wealth and fame. Just doing what is right – being a good provider, a good father, a good husband and a good person – is not enough.

He also pointed out that the negative feelings the man has towards himself will fall over onto his spouse. “What kind of judgment can she have if she chose me?” So the praises and recognitions that a wife gives to a struggling husband fall on deaf ears at best and make things more difficult at worst.

When your husband hits a bad spot or if he’s been in that bad spot for a long time, it’s time to invest in knee pads. Take the complaints to God. Talk to Him about all the things that you long for and desire for your husband.

Did you notice I said FOR your husband and not FROM your husband? Take the I out of the equation completely. Pray for your husband to be the kind of father that he longs to be. Pray that your husband have good, Godly male friends that he can lean on and trust. Pray that your husband finds the peace that passes all understanding.

Then spend a little time thanking God for all the wonderful things that your husband is. Thank God for that special look that your husband can give you – even from across the room – that makes your whole body get a little flushed. Thank God for the special way your husband reads to your children at night. Thank God for the gift that is your husband.

Spending time lifting your husband up will help you deal with him when he is down. You don’t have to tell him you are doing it. Just doing it will change the way you act and respond to him and that will make the difference.

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