Creating a Spiritual Plan

A plan is a good idea – no matter if you are going on vacation, putting together a party or just laying out the future of your spiritual life. Putting together a plan for a purpose in life does not have to be difficult or painful and only requires answering a few questions.

Questions for a Spiritual Plan

    1. What are my goals – goals are long term points that I intend to reach

      a. Where do I want to be in my walk?
      b. What do I want to do with my time?
      c. What is the picture that I have of my self and my life?

    2. How will I reach each of the goals – setting objectives gives me tangible and measurable targets to help me reach each goal

      a. What will I do each day to equip me for my purpose?
      b. What activities or groups can I add to help me reach my goals?
      c. How can I serve others in order to serve God?

    3. What are my gifts, talents and interests – God wove me in my mothers womb and my gifts, talents and interests are directly related to my purpose

      a. How can I use what I have to do what I am called to do?
      b. What is my reason for doing what I do?
      c. Where is my heart – for God or for praise?

There has to be a plan for any journey. Creating a plan for a spiritual walk is important for a smooth (or at least a smoother) walk through life. Taking time to lay out goals, objectives and talents will help evaluate decisions and choices.

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