Use the Tools that You Have


It doesn’t matter how many tools you have in the shed if you never use them. It’s the same way with my life. I can know all the tips, tricks and suggestions that lead to an organized home, a healthy life and peaceful journey but if I leave them in the drawer then things will soon move over into the realm of chaos.

This morning I was going through a notebook I’ve had since I first got married that holds all the dates of birthdays and anniversaries of friends and relatives. It even has pockets for placing cards. There are still times when I forget my own parents important dates even though I have it right there in a notebook to remind me. Of course the notebook was in the bottom of a drawer.

There is a chore schedule up on the bulletin board. It lists all of the things that we need to do as a family and as individuals. The schedule is broken down by the job and by the hour. No one should ever wonder what they need to be doing. Right now the chore schedule is on the right day but it was left there from last week.

My writing assignments are typed out with the due date and fee highlighted so that I can break down my work through out the week. Over the last several weeks all of the stuff that normally ends up piled up on my desk has ended up piled in a box. I sorted through that pile last night and uncovered the labeled, organized folders at the bottom of the box.

All of the knowledge or skills or talent in the world will not get me anywhere with out action to back it up. I know the way to live a life of organization. The tools are in place for me to walk a peaceful path. I just have to do my part and get to going instead of spending so much time thinking about (and whining about) what needs to be done.

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  1. I’m with you on this one! I think sometimes we try to improve too quickly though. It really takes very small steps and being kind to ourselves to successfully make changes.

    1. Alison – you are so right. My family was just discussing Wednesday about how to make changes and we use the quote about how to eat an elephant to make the point.

      My problem is that I often use a tool for a week or so, see progress and then revert back to my old ways!

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