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Reinforce Your Writing Goals

It is easy for some of us to set some writing goals. It is just as easy to fold the paper where the goals are writing out and put it away. There is not always action to back up the goals. Finding success for your writing career requires that you follow through on your goals and objectives. It helps to find ways to help with that journey.

Tips for Following thru on Writing

    1. Accountability – join groups and organizations that have the same goals and objectives that you have for your life.

    2. See it – put up signs or notes around the house that remind you of the goals and objectives that you have set for your writing. The more that you see it then the more you will begin to think it. The sooner your goals get into your regular thoughts then the quicker you will begin to act on the success you are thinking about.

    3. Hear it – make a tape or CD with all of your goals and objectives in affirmative statements: “I will improve my health by walking one mile five times each week.” “I will increase the unique visitors to my blogs by posting consistently, visiting and commenting on other blogs and commenting on forums.” Hearing your goals and objectives AND the actions to achieve them will help to drive you to your desired success in freelance writing.

    4. Make it a habit – do small things each day that will help make your writing goals and objectives a habit in your life. Spend ten minutes each day creating titles our outlines for posts or articles. Read blogs or forums for thirty minutes each day. Use an alarm to help limit your time on your small objectives.

    5. Map it out – Schedule each goal or objective on a calendar then beginning working backwards and mapping out smaller steps to get you to that ultimate deadline. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

    6. Reward progress – set up rewards for your writing accomplishments. It can be a book, a class, a day at the spa or anything that you would not normally give yourself. Everyone likes to be rewarded for doing something good and right. Reward your writing success while you are on the journey and not just after you arrive at the end of the path.

Faith and hope are important components of any journey but no one gets any place without some action. Developing a freelance writing career starts with goals and objectives but these must be followed through by using tools and tips to help reinforce those writing goals and objectives.

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