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Writing Inspiration – More Ways to Find Great Ideas

The more places you can uncover a little writing inspiration then the happier you will keep your muse. A happy muse will keep the articles flowing no matter what else may be going on around you.

Finding Writing Ideas with Lists

    Write about all of the places that you have lived in your lifetime. The articles could be about the remodeling that had to be done, a favorite part of the place or great events and activities.

    Write out all of the responsibilities that you have had in your different jobs and what you have learned from each of those experiences. You can write articles about how to make money at home from job experiences or just about how you have made use of your job experiences in your home.

    Write a list of all of your favorite things. Who knows, you may have a song hidden in the list.

    Write out a list of all the things that you are already an expert at or have substantial experience with or in. Mothering, gardening, budgeting and exercise can all offer great article opportunities and even potential online businesses.

    Write out a list of your favorite holidays, seasons or months of the year. Create how to articles about decorating, entertaining or doing tasks for those particular times.

    Write out all of your vacation destinations. It might help to go through a photo album or scrap book while you are making the list. Create articles about how to save on vacation, what to do in the different locations or just about your favorite parts of your past trips.

There are days when writing can be a challenge. Having a list of potential subjects and even outlines for possible articles may be all that is needed to get your muse dancing the night away.

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