Clean this House in Under 20 Minutes – HA!

Yahoo recently ran an article showing us how we can clean our house in just 19 minutes. I love the concept – a few minutes each day in each room will lead to a tidy home all the time. There is just a small flaw in their ideas, at least for my home. This house is filled with three boys, two cats and the parents (me and my hubby).

This house has its own daily schedule – and when it is followed things go relatively smooth and look presentable. I wouldn’t want the ladies from “How Clean is Your House” stopping by, but I wouldn’t panic if the in-laws showed up unexpectedly.

Instead of the focus on cleaning a little every where every day, we focus on cleaning specific zones each day. Mondays are the sheets and towels (laundry), Tuesdays are for the great outdoors, Wednesdays are the bathrooms, Thursdays are laundry and Fridays are big project days.

Fridays are when we take one (sometimes two) room and clean it from top to bottom. It is a chance to de-clutter, rearrange and basically make it look like no one lives there ;). I rotate the rooms through out the month – we have six rooms (plus two bathrooms). We are on a four week schedule with the fifth week being a whole house cleaning.

I was not raised to know how to clean. Ask my hubby! It was one of his biggest gripes about me when we got married. It has taken me 14 years to develop a system that makes it possible for me to do all that I need (and want to do) and still keep the house in order.

Check out the Yahoo schedule and see if you can find some ideas for your own house cleaning schedule. Assign particular tasks to different family members, create a “clean the house” game, or do what ever it takes to make cleaning the house an easy and less time consuming task for every one.

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