Hold on to the Joy

Tuesday is my Positive Moms get together. We aren’t all positive moms, but we are all working together to get there. Today was amazing. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world when I got home. I even took time to sit with some of the other mothers for lunch – reaching out to form new friendships.

It was after I got home that I realized the joy might be fleeting. I walked into a house that was no worse than when I left it – but no better off either. The house still needed to be cleaned – floors picked up and swept and shelves cleared of the mounting clutter. T the outside needed to be picked up and the tree the came down 4th of July is still blocking the road and calling out to me to be cut up (can you hear it?). Don’t even get me started on the 10 boxes of iris rhizomes that aren’t being potted or planted or the garden that will have to be baled next week if something isn’t done. The kids were still doing school work (which should have been completed before lunch – at least they had lunch though). And for the icing my darling hubby informed me he would be going away for three days, – to the beach, for fishing and he doesn’t even LIKE to fish.

Instead of focusing on all of the negatives, I picked up my laptop and hid away in my bedroom with my MP3 player going. I’ve opened the curtains and I’m looking out onto the dry creek bed. There are only a few songs on my player, but I’m listening to a couple of songs over and over and over.

Through the lyrics, I keep remembering how my morning and early afternoon went. The feelings and emotions that I embraced during the group and afterwards at lunch are carrying me through this time when I want to just curl up and say I quit. And once again God has me in His arms.

This email just came through: The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knows them that TRUST in Him!–Nahum 1:7

Somehow, knowing that He has my best interest at heart and that HE is my strong hold makes it so much easier for me to find rest in the joy that He has been pouring over me all day – despite the circumstances that I know must face.

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