Live Life like Weekends Do Not Matter

Every Friday the notes on my facebook page focus on the weekend. Plans develop to have fun, be with friends and family or to catch up on those things that have been put off too long. Around this house we are lucky to realize that the weekend is here. The schedule for the first of the day is the same every day and that’s because we are living life each day instead of waiting for the weekends.

5 Tips for Living the Weekend Life All Week

    1. Discover your passion. Once you find something that you love to do then it will no longer be work. Your life will also no longer be based around the concept of retirement.

    2. Cut the debt. Imagine how much less money you would have to bring in each month if you had no debt in your life. Create a plan right now that will cut your debt to nothing.

    3. Make money secondary. Focus on giving to others, doing what you are passionate about and getting rid of all those things that are getting in your way (like cable, toys and a house where the family gets lost).

    4. Start saving now. Having a safety net of savings built up helps you to make decisions based on something other than finances.

    5. Stay on schedule. Eat breakfast and other meals at the same time, go to sleep at a decent hour and schedule your television around your life not your life around the televisions.

Enjoy life and not just the weekend. Look for a job that is more than a job and is something that you have a passion to do. A little scheduling, some creative finances and a change in attitude will help you discover a life where weekends no longer matter.

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