Make More Margin by Blocking the Noise

The noise takes up the margin space needed to live a fulfilled and overflowing life. Break the cycle of noise and break open a world of possibilities for living in the peace.

Brad, leggings, and microwaves – what do these three things have in common.


They have nothing in common because they are nothing – nothing of significance; nothing of importance; nothing of value.

The last few days, I was sequestered in the woods at the Lake Guntersville State Park. First, lightning struck the internet making it difficult to get out. Second, my laptop determined it was the right time to protest and refused to turn on. Finally, the time was so full of in-real-life engagement that I had not time to look at my phone.

It only took moments for the nothings to come crashing in. I invested time explain why before I remembered that none of it had mattered before and none of it mattered now.

My world went on without any knowledge of Brad.
My world continued to move forward without any need for taking a stand for (or against) leggings.
My world spun on its axis despite the microwave, television, or smartphone invading my privacy.

During one of the sessions, I was reminded that we live in the margins. It is the space outside of the noise and the bustling chaos that allows us to find our true selves and live our lives to the fullest.

Brad, leggings, and microwaves crush the margins.

If I want to have more and to live more than I need to make more margin.

Make More Margin

    – Stop trying to fix the world. 1.) The world doesn’t want to be fixed; 2.) Something else will break tomorrow. If I stay focused on my journey and my steps then the world becomes less significant and distracting in where I am going and who I am becoming.

    – Turn it off (or tune it out). The first day back, the electronics stayed off. I did some social media and emails to try and catch up, but no television or gaming (and I only posted what I needed to post about the event). Keeping the noise out created more margin for my family and my words.

    – Seek “single peace.” Remember that every single peace comes about with every single piece of your life. If I want more peace then I have to make certain that the single pieces are aimed at peace and not noise.

    – Measure the cost. I once invested thirty minutes crafting the perfect response to a comment someone made only to realize they didn’t care what I was saying and I would have to invest even more time responding to my response. I deleted it and moved on. I once engaged in a relationship where our directions were polar opposites. I could have invested time and resources into trying to find “common” ground – but it was better for all if we chose to go the separate ways that worked for each of us. If I look at the investment required compared to the change that will be created, many times it is better to let it go.

The nothings will continue to come. Sometimes they are disguised as “rude.” Sometimes they are dressed up as “important.” Always they are trying to crowd out the margin space that gives the heart the freedom to grow in peace.

Make more margin and make more possibilities for life in the process.

Be blessed,

It is time!

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