31 Day Challenge – Day 23 Oops

Normally I update first thing in the morning, but this morning started off late. My body did not even want to get up but I made it. Although everything has been checked off my list and more got done today than I would have imagined possible AND the family has been calm and cool the whole day – I still forgot to tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday was good. Church made finding time for everything a little more difficult but I skipped the second service and had a visit with a very dear old friend that just happened to be visiting his brother. It was great. And while we were at church the crock pot was cooking lunch.

The day ended with me falling asleep while my husband watched M.A.S.H. I must have really been tired (and relaxed) because I am one of those people that need peace, quiet and dark to sleep (I can’t even sleep in the car).

Yesterday was a good day indeed. It makes me excited for what comes next. It’s time to start planning for my next 30 Day Challenge. I know that God will lead me to the perfect thing or things to add to my list to continue me on the journey that is leading me to His purpose.

Are you thinking about what you want to do to begin your journey to your purpose?

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