No Expectation

The greatest gift ever given came from a heart of pure unselfishness. There was no expectation of return. No thank you or appreciation was necessary. The gift was simply given.

A woman that gives birth to a child offers that gift of life without expectation of return. There is no way to know what the child will do or become. A mother does not expect to receive from her suffering. She simply loves.

A person that steps up and goes to war to defend his family, friends, neighbors and country does not do it with the expectation of benefit. There is no accountant tablet recording the just rewards. The battle is fought because the love and devotion is strong enough to drive the desire.

The list goes on. The acts of true love, unselfish acts given without expectation of return, fill time and history.

My call is to fill my day to day life with those same acts of love. I am called to do things because things need to be done. Thoughts of “what is in it for me” or “what have you done for me lately” are unacceptable companions of love.

It is only when I live this life of no expectations that the blessings for every aspect of my life –from finances, to health and weight, to family and friends – will start to flow.

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